Introductory Course in the Coversational Model of Psychotherapy





October-November 2012

The Conversational Model evolved from the collaborative work of Robert Hobson (who gave the model its name) and Russell Meares in London, in the 1960s, with patients suffering from severe personality disorders and who were mostly considered untreatable.  The Conversational Model has since become one of the best validated models of psychotherapy, as evidenced by numerous publications in peer reviewed journals.  It is based on the central idea that self develops in certain forms of relatedness and that trauma impedes the development of self.  The Conversational Model is an integrative model combining psychoanalytic understanding with research in the fields of trauma, early development, memory, linguistics and brain dynamics, in a way that is applicable in day-to-day psychotherapeutic practice.

ANZAP is happy to offer a short introductory course to people interested in finding out more about the Conversational Model, its origins, developments, underpinning theories and clinical practice.  This will be done over 6 weekly seminars.  In each of them, an experienced senior ANZAP member will present and illustrate an aspect of the model. 


ANZAP was formed in 1987 to improve opportunities for the exchange of ideas, to establish a regular training program in contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and from time to time a supervisor training program for those who have received training.

ANZAP has published 7 editions of The Self in Conversation, a yearly journal of articles related to the Conversational Model. Other publications include Intimacy & Alienation and The Metaphor of Play. 

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The Annual Conference
With invited and submitted papers, interesting key-note speakers and workshops ANZAP’s annual Conference is the highlight of the year and attracts considerable interest not only from members but from the psychotherapy community.

Several Training programs have been successfully conducted over the years in Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, and Hobart






23 October

The Conversational Model


Dr Joan Haliburn

30 October

Hierarchy of engagement:

The Self and its states in the therapeutic conversation       

Dr. Leo Van Biene

Dr. Philip Graham

6 November

Language in the therapeutic conversation

Cecile Barral 

13 November

The therapeutic conversation: Disruptions and repairs

Rochelle Hersch

Michelle Rousseau

20 November

The Conversational Model and Attachment Theory                                                                     

Dr. Andrew Leon

27 November

The Conversational Model in practice: Case studies

Dr Cath McGrath                                                                   Dr. George Lianos

Anne Malecki
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