"The Psychotherapies" Website

The Psychotherapies website is a new initiative for Psychiatrists and Psychiatry trainees with an interest and involvement in Psychiatric psychotherapy. It has been developed by members of the RANZCP Section of Psychotherapy, the NSW Director of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies and the NSW Subcommittee for Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies.

It provides a hub for many of the intersecting aspects of Psychiatric Psychotherapy training and practice throughout Australasia.

Its aim is to provide general and specific Psychiatry Psychotherapy information for the interested public, Advanced and Basic Psychiatry trainees, Psychotherapy Supervisors, Alumni of the RANZCP Advanced Psychotherapy Training, General Psychiatrists and Mental Health associates.

Whilst this website contains numerous links to, and information from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists’ (RANZCP) website, The Psychotherapies website is not an official publication of the RANZCP and its content is not overseen in any way by the RANZCP.

Please refer to the RANZCP’s website, www.ranzcp.org, for the latest information regarding the RANZCP, including its training programs, policies, resources, publications, Branches, and the Section of Psychotherapy.