TPEA AT-P DVD Seminar Contents

The TPEA AT-P seminar program has been recorded and is available as a series of DVDs. Enrolled trainees will receive the complete annual set upon payment of the training fees.
The series is regularly updated and added to as new seminars are developed. The Psychotherapies website carries the PPP and reference articles for the seminars concurrently but does not carry the video component due to the large size of those files.

Contents of DVD Series:






The Therapeutic Frame

Key Psychotherapy Concepts

  - The Unconscious

  - Empathy

  - Transference & Countertransference

Individual Dynamic Chapter - The Development of the Theory of Dynamic Psychotherapy

Group Chapter

Structured Chapter –CBT, IPT, DBT

Family & Couples Chapter

Infant Observations

Psychotherapy in Specific Settings

  - Child and Adolescent

  - Adult Grief and Loss

  - Psychotherapy with Older Adults

  - Neuropsychiatry and Psychotherapy

  - Medication and Psychotherapy

  - Ethics

  - Transcultural: Refugee, Rural, Indigenous

  - Research Outcomes



Relational Psychoanalysis

The Psychoanalytic Baby


Transference, Countertransference & Projective Identification


The Internal family

The Interpersonal World of the Infant



Development and Dysjunctions

 - Foundations of a Healthy Self

 - Trauma - Transcultural Trauma, Trauma as Dysjunction in   

    Development, Trauma & Boundary Violations

Working with the Effects of Trauma

 - Working with Psychosis

 - Cluster A Personality Disorders

 - Cluster B Personality Disorders

 - Borderline Personality Disorders

 - Narcissistic Personality Disorders

 - Cluster C Personality Disorders

 - Meaning of Assessment, Components of Assessment

Stages of Therapy

 - The Opening Phase

 - The Middle Phase

 - Analytic Technique

 - Controversial Aspects of Memory & Trauma

 - Dreams

 - Relational Issues

 - Sexuality & Intimacy

 - Sexual Perversions & the Paraphilias

 - The Closing Phase

 - Ending the Therapy

Issues of Practice in Public & Private Settings

Life as a Therapist