Psychiatric Psychotherapy Training - General Issues

Psychotherapy is one of the key components of all Psychiatry training but varies considerably between settings.

The RANZCP stipulates key psychotherapy curriculum elements, accredits training courses such as the TPEA courses and others, monitors and examines progress but neither runs nor endorses any particular course content.

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 To visit RANZCP website click here.

The Psychotherapies website provides links & basic information about any psychotherapy training courses suitable for Psychiatrists while endorsing and carrying The Psychotherapies Education Association courses in particular.

TPEA psychotherapy courses are RANZCP accredited and are specifically designed, written and monitored in accordance with the RANZCP curriculum for Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies.

The TPEA Core psychotherapy course is the only NSW course that meets the RANZCP mandatory core requirements which must be completed along side other Institutions’ accredited courses.  


DISCLAIMER - It is essential to exercise care and common sense in seeking Psychiatric psychotherapy training. Trainees have sole responsibility for their decision to engage in any particular course of study.

The Psychotherapies site is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage resulting from the use of the information contained in this website or other linked sites.

The Psychotherapies site makes no representations about the expertise or suitability of other psychotherapy training organizations or the accuracy of the information provided or posted by them on this site. Trainees seeking to engage in any training program are advised to directly confirm the validity of claims made by the psychotherapy training organization.


For general psychotherapy information visitors may also wish to visit Resources for Effective Psychotherapy and Counselling information at


PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) may also be of assistance