Psychiatric Psychotherapy Supervision

Information on Supervision

This site contains information for both trainees and Psychiatric psychotherapy supervisors.

Psychotherapy supervision for Basic & Advanced Psychiatry Trainees is generally provided by qualified Psychiatrists.

Non-psychiatrist supervisors must apply to the RANZCP to qualify as a supervisor for both Basic and Advanced Training.
Contact the RANZCP local branch headquarters [link] for further information.
The RANZCP gives preference to Psychiatrist psychotherapy supervisors but allows other qualified colleagues to provide such supervision under certain conditions especially where no suitable Psychiatrists are available for example in rural & remote settings or where  trainees have particular needs or preferences and are paying for supervision themselves.

Requirements for Supervisors

Non-Psychiatrist Supervisors of Advanced Training cases for pre-FRANZCP Registrars need to complete “The Application for Selection as a Principal Supervisor of RANZCP Accredited Trainees”.

In NSW all Advanced Training  Supervisors need to notify the Project Manager  to ensure inclusion on the NSW Psychotherapy Supervisors Register.

Advanced Training Psychotherapy Supervisors need to meet the RANZCP requirements: Go to RANZCP Regulations, Policies and Procedures/ Accreditation.Click here

The RANZCP requires all supervisors to undertake training at least once each five years. Additionally the Sections of Psychotherapy encourage Psychiatrist psychotherapy supervisors to be involved in regular training updates such as those offered at the annual College Congress and /or Section of Psychotherapy Binational meeting at least.

An excellent record of the recent RANZCP Psychotherapy Supervision Workshop is available by scrolling down to Psychiatry Psychotherapy Supervision Workshops below.  This website will endeavour to provide specific information and opportunities for Psychiatrist psychotherapy supervisors to extend their skills and form peer networks. To add information about psychotherapy supervision training or readings of interest please contact us at:

Find a Supervisor

Trainees wishing to obtain information about psychotherapy supervision should contact Dr Jeffrey Streimer at or refer to the register on your dashboard.

The Psychiatrist psychotherapy supervisors register is published with the express permission of those listed. Access to that information will be restricted to the audience nominated by individual supervisor and will not be available to the public. The availability and qualifications of supervisors will vary between training sites and trainees are advised to enquire locally from their Director of Training, SCOT or DoAT or the psychotherapy educators in your Network.

Psychotherapy Supervisors Register

To apply to add your name to the Psychotherapy Supervisors Register or edit your details contact us:

A list of all Public and Private Psychotherapy Supervisors is available for Trainees on their personal dashboards.

List of  RANZCP Binational DoATs

Distance Psychotherapy Supervision 

Psychiatrists and psychiatry trainees in rural and remote settings or other branches are free to contact the listed supervisors and use the facilities of this website to assist with Distance Psychotherapy supervision and/or teaching for their own needs.

 For information on how to use skype click here.

Psychiatry Psychotherapy Supervisors’  Education Resources 

Guide for Psychotherapy training

(i) Basic Supervision Resources

The Psychotherapies site also contains information of assistance to supervisors and trainees: See also video of Psychotherapy Supervision Workshop.

Basic training supervision for the Psychotherapy Written Case is organised by the local DOT or psychotherapy educator in your network.

 By-laws pertaining to the Psychotherapy Written Case are available on the RANZCP website: Click here

Clinical Assessment Issues for psychotherapy supervisors & trainees: Clinical Assessment Issues for Basic & Advanced
It can be directly accessed online via the HETI website

Psychological Formulation in the Assessment Interview PPT: Click here   

Also see HETI website:  "The Complete Clinical Assessment in Psychiatry" chapters on formulation authored by Dr M Phillips, Dr Jeffrey Streimer & J Shaw.

Psychotherapy supervision checklists before & during supervision: Psychotherapy Supervision Checklist

How to choose a suitable psychodynamic psychotherapy training case:  Dynamic Case Assessment PPT

How to choose a  suitable RANZCP approved psychotherapy supervisor: Choosing a Psychiatry psychotherapy supervisor PPT

(ii) RANZCP Advanced Training Supervision

Supervision in the Advanced Training for the Psychotherapies is coordinated by the Branch Director of AT-P (List of DoATS)

Guide for Psychotherapy Training [link]

How to choose a suitable psychotherapy training case ( IDP Assessment - PPT )

How to guide psychotherapy supervision: Psychotherapy Supervision Checklist

Teaching Psychodynamic formulation (HETI The Complete Clinical Interview in Psychiatry, Sessions 18 & 19 –access for psychiatrists & trainees only)

(iii) Psychiatry Psychotherapy Supervision Workshops

 Supervision Workshop  DVD flier               

Program of DVD Supervision Workshop    

Program of Supervision Workshop 2011

Supervision Workshop 2013:

Supervision Workshop 2016: