EAPSP Annual Meeting 15-17th March 2019

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Annual Conference

Dr George Halasz
“Remembering for the Future with 2020 Vision’’
Safe but Not Too Safe 1: Psychodynamics of
Relational Trauma and Dissociation
Safe but Not Too Safe 2: Vicarious Trauma
and Iatrogenesis
Safe but Not Too Safe 3: Reparative and
Attenuated Moments – Daring to Daydream

Dr Jackie Amos
Shame: Evolution, Infancy and the
Mysteries of Middle Childhood
Featured Guest Speakers
Dr George Halasz is a consultant child and adolescent
psychiatrist and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at The School
of Psychology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine,
Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University, and
in private psychiatry practice. From 1992-2005 he was
a member of the Editorial Board of the Australian and
New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, and the Editorial
Committee of Australasian Psychiatry (2005 - current).
His special areas of interests and publications include
ADHD, Holocaust trauma and inter-generational trauma
transmission, trauma informed care, child/adolescent
psychotherapy and ethics, children of parents
with mental illness (COPMI), the interface between
psychiatry and religion. Over the last 20 years he has
lectured on trauma related themes in the UK, Israel,
Poland, Hong Kong, US, NZ and Australia.
Dr Jackie Amos is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist,
Gestalt Psychotherapist and theoretician. In her PhD,
Jackie developed two complementary models of the
intergenerational transmission of neglect and abuse,
including a novel, evolutionary understanding of shame
in infancy and middle childhood. The models were used
to predict the objectives of any effective treatment for
families where the care and protection of the children
is compromised. These objectives supported Jackie in
developing in depth hypotheses about the mechanisms
of action of a novel dyadic psychotherapy, Parallel
Parent and Child Therapy, for mothers and children
caught in intergenerational cycles of maltreatment.
Clinically, Jackie works in the reunification programme
in Centacare, a non-government agency. In her role
as specialist therapist she addresses intergenerational
and relational trauma in preparation for the children
(and adolescents) to return to their birth families. She
also provides consultancy to other programmes within
Centacare and is developing a model of therapeutic
case management based on her doctoral research.
Clinical Case Presentations Ron Lee (VIC)
Dr Joyce Lee (HK)
Elisabeth Hanscombe (VIC)
Margaret Lee (VIC)
Dr Catherine Lazaroo (VIC)
Advanced Course Thursday 14th March
Friday 15th - Sunday 17th March 2019