Infant Observation Program


Clinicians and those with an interest in making
use of the observational experience are invited
to apply to do an Infant Observation

This unit is available to those able to attend the supervision seminars in Sydney and is also offered via
online technology if you are located outside of Sydney, either within Australia or located internationally.

What is Infant Observation?

Infant Observation is a course for professional people who would like to deepen their understanding of
how the mind and inner world grow and develop in infants, and to observe attachment & attunement
patterns as they occur.

In a way that cannot be gained by reading or attending lectures, watching and wondering what is
happening in an infant and mother in their home over time enhances understanding, observational skills
and knowledge about how the mind and personality develop.

How Do Families Benefit

We have seen how the observer’s ability to be present to the infant often gets picked up unknowingly by
the mother, enabling her to be in a more responsive, reflective and attuned state with her infant. Parents
often say how lovely it is to have a regular visitor who loves their infant. It is a validation of the
importance of this stage of life for parents and infants.

The Process

Students find a couple in the latter stage of their pregnancy and meet with them to discuss the process
and come to an understanding about what is involved in this undertaking. Once the infant is born, the
student visits each week for an hour over a 12 month period at a time convenient to the family. They
observe the infant and caregiver as they relate to each other in their daily lives.

During the weekly one hour observations the observer will watch the baby and will be interested to hear
any observation that the mother or family has noticed during the week. No notes are taken during this
time, but after the hour, the student is required to write down their observations.

The Seminars
The students begin meeting weekly in confidential small group seminars for one and a half hours prior to
finding a family to observe. The initial meeting with the parents to be, and all observations once the
infant is born are discussed in these seminars which are conducted by experienced members of NSWIPP.

Further Opportunities
Infant Observation is the first component of the NSWIPP training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It
may be possible, following the completion of the Infant Observation, to join the full training program,
*subject to meeting the prerequisites for the training. A separate application for the training and
interviews would be required. For further information, please visit our website or contact Lyndall Rees,
details below.

For Further Information please contact Lyndall Rees on 0406 975 434 or email: