Master Of Medicine Master Of Science In Medicine (Trauma-informed Psychotherapy)


Please see the below information regarding a major development in training for Psychotherapy: 

As of 2019, the Master of Medicine and Master of Science in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy) will be available through the University of Sydney.

This will now be a 48 credit point course with cost savings relative to the previously offered Master of Medicine / Science in Medicine (Psychotherapy) degree. The new program will continue to offer teaching based on the Conversational Model as developed in Australia and the UK.

Additionally, the new program offers the options of a one year Graduate Certificate or a two year Graduate Diploma. 

All of these programs are available in ‘Med’ and ‘Sci Med’ forms meaning that they are available to anyone with a primary degree in the health sciences, providing the applicant is eligible to practice clinically.

The introduction of the Graduate Certificate will allow people with an interest in developing expertise in brief and short intervention as well as obtaining a grounding in psychodynamic psychotherapy. The clinical focus in year 1 will be on these shorter interventions while in years 2 and 3 the focus of clinical supervision will be on longer interventions. Clinical supervision is included in the fees for the program.

The new program has substantial online delivery making it possible for applicants to apply from all parts of Australia.

Check out the website, and follow these instructions:

Course options
• Master of Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)*
• Graduate Diploma in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)*
• Graduate Certificate in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)*
• Master of Science in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)
• Graduate Diploma in Science Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)
• Graduate Certificate in Science in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)

Choose the course you are interested in applying for (Master of Medicine or Master of Science in Medicine) and then that should take you to a screen where you can click on “apply”. 


Anthony Korner and Loyola Mclean