SIP Small Group Seminars and Consultation


These small groups explore the use of psychodynamic thinking in diverse areas, including clinical work with many types of patients (mother- infant, child, adolescent, couple, and adult).  Groups include: clinical reading groups, observational study groups and other small groups (inter-vision, and supervision) to facilitate the development of different perspectives.  Groups of 2-10 clinicians meet weekly or fortnightly in person or via video-conference with a Member of the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis.  These small group seminars may also be suitable for clinicians working interstate or in remote areas of Australia.

Enquires about SGSC can be directed to Catharine Bailey, Pam Shein or Mark Howard at  

Please follow the link to APAS [Australian Psychoanalytic Society] for more details and application forms for SGSC or see the attached flyer for more details.