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EPIC Modules and Introductory Series


A. Introductory Series 2010

As part of the EPIC outreach initiative of the Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis, the Institute will hold a further series of introductory lectures on psychoanalysis in 2010. These lectures will have a clinical emphasis and will showcase a variety of contemporary psychoanalytic ideas and their applications.

The lectures will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand more about psychoanalysis and its potential applications.   The lecture series will be particularly helpful for those who want to know more about contemporary psychoanalysis, those who are interested in considering training and those who might wish to learn more about how to think psychoanalytically about clinical problems.

Some lectures address psychoanalytical theory and clinical ideas or concepts. Other lectures will relate ideas and concepts to wider fields. These introductory lectures aim to extend and stimulate thinking about psychoanalysis, rather than to be comprehensive. The lectures are designed to be accessible and participatory and do not pre-suppose any detailed understanding of psychoanalysis.

Semester I 

1. Wednesday 5 May - Dr Ken Israelstam: "The doubting analyst and the facilitation of a creative analytic space." (N.B.: The presenter would like participants of this session to view the movie "Doubt" prior to attending the session.

2. Wednesday 12 May - Dr Rachel Falk: "O Death Where is Thy Sting?"  A psychoanalytic discussion of suicide

3. Wednesday 19 May - Dr Ron Spielman: "What is getting better through psychoanalysis?"

4. Wednesday 26 May - Dr Andrew Singer: "Somatization: Applied Psychoanalysis in the hospital setting."

5.  Wednesday 2 June - Dr John McClean: "The Vampire in Legend and Phantasy: the tale of the melancholy lover."

6.  Wednesday 9 June - Ms. Rise Becker: The Disembodied Voice: "Psychotherapy with Traumatised Refugees Using Interpreters." 

Semester II

1. Wednesday 4 August - Dr Jim Telfer: "More on the psychoanalytic view of suicide."

2. Wednesday 11 August - Ms. Libby Dunn:  "Narcissism- Yours or mine?"

3. Wednesday 18 August - Mrs. Jyostna Field: "Ageing and its relationship to the analytic process."

4. Wednesday 25 August - Dr Paul Schimmel: "Treating the mind: the surgical and the psycho-analytic model of treatment." (This session will be presented in seminar format.)

5. Wednesday 1 September - Mrs Julie Meadows: "Primitive states of mind."

6. Wednesday 8 September - Mrs Margaret Berkovic: "Working with the Psychotic Transference." 


The sessions will consist of a lecture and discussion.  The sessions will last 90 minutes and will be held on Wednesday evenings at 8.00 p.m.

Participants will be required to subscribe to whole semesters of lectures.

Cost: $198.00 (including GST) per semester

Venue: The Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis, 5 Penshurst St, Willoughby, NSW

Places will be limited. More details are available on the lectures for those who are interested at either    or 


B. Engaging with Psychoanalytic Ideas and Concepts (EPIC) Modules 2010 - 2011

The opportunity to participate in a variety of modules focusing on psychoanalytic ideas and concepts is an initiative of the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis.  It is designed to benefit those who wish develop the interest in psychoanalysis. 

The modules do not represent a formal course of training in psychoanalysis but rather an opportunity to explore and develop a personal interest in the field of psychoanalysis. 

The modules may be held in the presenters consulting rooms or at the Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis, at 5 Penshurst Street, Willoughby, NSW.

EPIC Modules offered

Module 1    Understanding Trauma (Currently running/ new group may be offered mid-year)

The module draws on film, personal story and literature to examine how psychoanalysis and the personal experience of trauma makes use of a variety of vehicles in assisting our understanding of trauma.

Expressions of interest invited for next module

Module leader: Dr John Boots

Venue: The Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis, 5 Penshurst Street, Willoughby

Time(s): TBA

Commencing: TBA (Second semester)

Module 2    Infant Development

This module develops the link between the interest in infancy and psychoanalysis by exploring the current research areas of infant development and its relation to psychoanalytic theory and practice. This will take place in a discussion group with the aid of audio-visual material.

Module leader(s): Ms Liz Kerr and Ms. Margaret Berkovic

Venue: The Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis, 5 Penshurst Street, Willoughby

Time(s): Wednesday evenings at 7.30 - 9pm.

Commencing: Wednesday 28th April for 6 weeks, finishing 2nd June

Cost: $262.00 (including GST)


Module 3   Young Childhood Studies

Participants in this module are required to observe a young child aged between two and four years of age.  The child will usually be in their own home, or they may be in a day care setting.  Students will be observing the gradually increasing independence of the child and the changing family relationships, and consider the impact of more separation and entry into a wider, social world.

The observation will follow the same lines as an infant observation and will be weekly for the second semester, i.e. 20 weeks.  Detailed notes of the observation are to be written from memory as soon as possible after the observation has taken place.  Students will arrange their own observations, with advice from the seminar leader.

Module leader: Mrs Jyotsna Field

Venue: The Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis, 5 Penshurst Street, Willoughby

Time(s): TBA

Commencing: TBA Second semester

Cost: $440.00per semester (Including GST)


Module 4 Work Discussion Group

This module is designed to offer ongoing, in depth discussion of clinical work in a variety of settings presented by members of the group. It is essentially a supervisory experience.

Module leader: Ms. Libby Dunn

Venue: Rooms, Five Dock (Details will given on registration)  

Time(s): Tuesdays, 5.30-7.00 p.m.

Dates: August 17th, 24th, 31st and September 7th

Cost: $176.00 (including GST)


Module 5    An experiential introduction to the Balint Method of understanding and using the therapist-patient relationship.

The aim of this module is to provide an introduction to this way of thinking and reflecting on clinical work.  It is experiential and the role of the leader is to facilitate the group to do the work of understanding the case.  Ground rules are explained and agreed to at the start of the first meeting. 

The group is neither a supervision group or a therapy group. It is a way of working together in an attempt to better understand what is occurring in the relationship between the clinician and patient. Self awareness may increase as a result of attending but the discussion is firmly focused on the clinician/patient relationship.

Ideally the group will be formed by 8-12 participants, most of who are in clinical contact with patients.


Module leader: Ms Leonie Sullivan

Venue:  Rooms, Lane Cove.

Time(s): 1.00p.m. Tuesdays (other dates by arrangement)

Dates: Start date April 23rd 2010.

Further enquiries: To Leonie Sullivan at

How to apply to participate in a Module

Persons interested in participating in any module can apply by downloading the attached application form and forwarding with payment to the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis.

Please note: Personal psychotherapy is not a requirement to participate in these modules. Commencement dates may vary depending on the number of participants. More details are available concerning modules for those who are interested. For further inquiries please contact; Timothy Keogh at

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