The Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis presents its EPIC Program for 2013


  "Conceptual clarifications" lecture series

The aim of this series of eight lectures in two parts is to provide an in-depth exposition of some basic psychoanalytic concepts such as projection, transference, adhesive identification and the frame. The lectures will be didactic but will offer an opportunity to discuss and process the material presented. There will be an emphasis on applications of the concepts discussed, including non-clinical applications. The lectures aim to extend and stimulate thinking about psychoanalysis and will draw on a variety of contemporary psychoanalytic theories.

These will be particularly helpful for those who want to know more about contemporary psychoanalysis, those who are interested in considering training and those who might wish to learn more about how to think psychoanalytically about clinical or other applied problems.

The lectures are designed to be accessible and participatory and do not pre-suppose any detailed understanding of psychoanalysis.


The sessions will consist of a lecture (usually 50 minutes) and discussion. The sessions will last 90 minutes and will be held on Wednesday evenings at 8.00 p.m.

Participants will be required to subscribe to the whole semester of lectures.

Cost: $250.00 (including GST) for the course of eight lectures.

Venue: The Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis, 5 Penshurst St, Willoughby, NSW

Please note: Individual lecture attendance is not available

Places will be limited. More details are available on the lectures for those who are interested at either timothykeogh@bigpond.comor