The Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis presents an Introductory Lecture Series in Psychoanalysis 2011


As part of the EPIC outreach initiative of the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis, 
the Institute will hold a series of introductory lectures on psychoanalysis in 2011.
These lectures will have a clinical emphasis and will showcase 
a variety of contemporary psychoanalytic ideas and their applications.
The lectures will be of interest to anyone who wishes 
to understand more about psychoanalysis and ways
in which it can be applied. The lectures are designed
to be accessible and participatory and do not pre-suppose
any detailed understanding of psychoanalysis.
The lecture series will be particularly helpful for those
who want to know more about contemporary psychoanalysis,
those who are interested in considering training and those
who might wish to learn more about how to think
psychoanalytically about clinical problems.
The lecture series will be held over two terms:
Term I:            May - June, 2011  
Term II:           August - September, 2011
The sessions will consist of a lecture and discussion.  The sessions will last 90 
minutes and will be held on Wednesday evenings at 8.00 p.m.
There will be 12 lectures in total.
Cost: $198.00 (including GST) per term
Places will be limited. A detailed list of lecture topics will be available early into the New Year. 
You are welcome to reserve a place in the series by downloading and completing the 
application form at
Kind regards
Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis